Sometimes a bunch of stuff happens that kinda ruins my week. I’m sure you guys can relate. Well, we’ve been in the midst of a slew of it lately. We are fine – just kinda exhausted. Last week, my biggest boy spent the day at the Market with us. His chatter on the way home … Continue reading


This week has been a little wild. This photo explains ‘who’ might have been in the middle of it all. The only thing I can add to this very telling photo, to help express my point, is a list of his current favorites: Food: Mustard… the ‘hot kind’ Animal: Bad Wolf Toy: My sword I … Continue reading


Two days ago at Monterey Fish Market, I was greeted by glistening fillets of “Louvar.” I love fish and will try just about everything from the sea that comes my way, and I had never heard of or seen Louvar. What is that? I asked the always charming guys at the fish market. Described as … Continue reading

Bow Lines

When Max was a baby, his first visit to an Art Museum was showing a Winslow Homer exhibit. Max turned 12 last week. Sigh. He was talking with me recently about his ‘favorites’ (food, toys, friends, places). His favorite place to be: ‘Anywhere down on the docks – if I can’t be out fishing with … Continue reading