The Fisherman's Wife

What we say

(photo: with one of my first market helpers, with brand new aprons & hats, still figuring out how to use the scales… ) A blogger I have much respect for wrote something this week that struck me. This person kind of went off on a tangent about ‘the internet’ and how people say stuff that … Continue reading

List Maker

I’m a list maker. Sometimes, I make a list of the lists I need to make. It’s that bad. Just like each of you, we juggle quite a bit each day to make our life happen, so these lists are Super Necessary. This week I was going extra crazy with the lists… I like to … Continue reading


When things get to be more than you can handle, isn’t it good to have someone to call? This week I smelled something burning upstairs. There was no smoke, no fire (that I could see). I’m not a person who panics usually. BUT, knowing that SOMETHING was making that burning smell up in my room … Continue reading