Crushed But Not Destroyed

My friends, it’s been a heck-of-a week. I know we all have them. Doesn’t it seem that when the storm hits, nothing is left untouched? Tomorrow, I will gather my own sweet children and we will attend Daisy Love Merrick’s Memorial Service. Daisy is daughter to my Pastor and his wife ~ she battled cancer … Continue reading


I have a ‘thing’ about having plenty of linens at my house. Sheets, blankets, towels…. there must be LOTS and they must be super overly fluffy. So to have enough for 5 people (especially when you add in the fishy-ness factor with the towels, allowing for  several days at sea at a time) you gotta … Continue reading

Nonstop Going

By the time the first two were pre-school aged they’d attended every mommy-and-me class we could find, nearly lived at the local parks, did Disney & Knotts ad nauseum and had visited all the local wonderful offerings (museums, zoos, trails, gardens etc) more times than we could count. Then, we had Mighty Micah D. Have … Continue reading