Cake Ache

There was a LOT of cake at our house this week. Our 2 youngest have their birthdays only 2 days apart (well, 3 years & 2 days). Up until this year, we’ve been able to get away with ONE party for them both. Admittedly, it’s been more like a party for big sister – with … Continue reading



We’ve learned to squeeze in We’ve learned to squeeze in together-ness whenever and wherever we can. Earning your living on the sea doesn’t work very well if you spend any time on the beach. I didn’t really get just how much time Chris would spend on the boat until we were a few years into … Continue reading


Commercial Fisherman in the US are inundated with about a zillion requirements & laws and under the authority of about as many governing agencies. Some of them are necessary and relevant and helpful. The others…ummmm? I’ll save that tangent for another day. One requirement is that annually, we must have our vessels & their mandated … Continue reading

Shakespearian Dreams

My dreams are filled with Shakespearean insults. Anna Grace is playing both the parts of ‘A Mighty Lord’ & ‘Vincentio’ (an old man, father to Lucentio) in Taming of the Shrew this weekend. She (which really means the two of us) has practiced her lines about 6 gazillion times over the past 6 months or … Continue reading