Summer Break

We don’t take an official summer break from school. Well at least not a full 10 weeks or whatever is the norm. Around this time, we usually take a week or so off from school and Spring Clean the whole house. For whatever reason, the act of Chris getting all of his gear ready to … Continue reading



I’ve been dealing with some health issues lately. Nothing too serious. But let’s face it, getting older is pretty lame. Anyway, kids are aware of stuff around them. This is part of a conversation I heard this week: babysitter: Micah, try to be quiet ~ your Mom is resting. Micah: I know, she’s really, really … Continue reading

Fresh Fish


My oldest son will be turning 13 this fall. I almost cry just typing that. How in the world have you parents who are further along than me managed this? Did you also wish for some sort of restraint to hold them back from growing even a tiny bit more? Did you want to check … Continue reading