Mini Bliss

I love books. My most wonderful fantasy vacation doesn’t have anything to do with a destination per se. I could literally enjoy a vacation in Fresno (no offense if you are from or live in Fresno) if only a few conditions were met: 1. A really quiet hotel room 2. A super comfortable chair 3. … Continue reading


Max had the opportunity to enjoy a ‘Morning of Science’ at Pepperdine University this week. As part of a Summer program, the Science Department offered this chance to some homeschool groups from around our area. How cool, right? For Max, the excitement level over this was = to , or possibly even > than the … Continue reading


So it turns out packing up food, clothes, toys, sleeping bags, BBQ grill & drinks, 3 kids, & a dog…. and going to watch fireworks down on the boat turns out to be not only fun ~ but also completely exhausting. Instead of sharing a Fisherman’s Wife message this week, I am sipping coffee and … Continue reading