Crazy House

Since we just don’t see enough crazy at our house… Switching seasons is never fun. There’s just a lot of work (on top of the normal heavy load) with a bunch of stress to do it fast, before we all go broke. Plus, of course the unknown factors of if the fish will show up … Continue reading


There are not words to describe our past 2 weeks. It’s been a psychotic whirlwind mixture of what seems to be a special brand of crazy that only our family can produce. The positive: Sonny and his wife have their little package of sweetness at home! He’s perfect and beautiful and healthy! We are so … Continue reading

Baqueta Recipe


If you haven’t tried it ~ Baqueta is a white fish, firmer texture that Halibut, and taste wise is somewhere between a Halibut and Sea Bass. It’s great for baking, steaming, pan frying… I would do tacos with this, as well as roast a piece in the oven as this fish usually yeilds a nice … Continue reading