House Zoo

Our house is a zoo. It’s kind of like that normally… all wild and busy. But NOW it’s really a zoo. About 6 years ago, we got our oldest son a dog. I was never a dog person myself. I had cats mostly growing up. I just didn’t understand how people who had dogs could … Continue reading


We love our fishing life. We really do. Much like anybody else, our industry has it’s challenges. When we are in the midst of a challenge, often times the person I’d like most to commiserate with is 100 miles or so offshore. Or working during the hours that sane people sleep, and then still working … Continue reading

big kid

Big Kids

Having a little toddler around the house, really makes your ‘big kids’ seem HUGE! We spent last weekend with my sister, my mom and my seriously precious little niece. She’s tiny (compared to my gigantic kids), and very gentle and delicate. OH MAN… my Anna was in total heaven having a little one around to … Continue reading