Big Kids


Having a little toddler around the house, really makes your ‘big kids’ seem HUGE! We spent last weekend with my sister, my mom and my seriously precious little niece. She’s tiny (compared to my gigantic kids), and very gentle and delicate. OH MAN… my Anna was in total heaven having a little one around to ‘babysit’. Especially a sweet little feminine girl. Sigh…. oh, how I would have loved just *one more* little girl.

The weekend was a celebration of 3 family birthdays. We had a super time…. watching cousins play together, enjoying lucious birthday cake. We spent Saturday afternoon down at the Harbor. Our friend Sara, rents electric boats and we’ve found this to be a perfect outing for when we have friends/family visiting. We load on some drinks and snacks and slowly cruise around the Harbor, seeing it all from a different perspective than our normal daily view that the fishing boat and all of it’s ensuing Harbor activity provides. We saw porpoise, harbor seals, & birds galore. We tied up to the dock by Peninsula park and watched all the cousins run and play.

Then, everyone went home. Tired, exhausted. We shared photos via the computer and sent ‘we can’t wait to see you again’ texts. My house was quiet, a little sticky from the cake and empty feeling.

It took me a bit to realize why I was so sad this time. I always miss my family when they leave. But this time, a few days later,  we were celebrating Micah’s ‘actual birthday’, day. He had a great day taking the train with a friend & had a super special day out. BUT….  My sweet baby is no longer in the 5 and under catagory. He is six. years. old. He’ll be moving out soon! At least that is how it feels. Uggghhhh.

I demand a do-over. I want them to all be tiny again. I watched as my sister rushed to grab my little niece’s hand when we walked on the dock.  She cut the baby’s food into tiny little cubes. We all worried about her naptime and diaper needs. And, you know what I did…. for my 3 practically adult children? I yelled…. ‘get ready, we are leaving in 5 minutes!’ and I said many times ‘put your stuff away’ and ‘watch your language’ (yes, they have grown up on the dock).

My youngest sister is just starting her journey as a Momma. She wasn’t with us this weekend as she’s home with her newborn baby boy. I really hope she believes me when I tell her that those first foggy months of totally-overwhelmed-exhaustion-mixed-with-baby-spit up-and unwashed-hair will vaporize… and she will long for that sweet, amazing time again. I don’t think I could have even comprehend those words when older moms told me the same all those years ago.

So now, I will stop all of this computer nonsense and gaze at my 3 for a while, building Legos together and making up plays, before they all leave for college.

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