Greek Style Halibut

The Fisherman’s Wife is taking the day off from writing…. Grandma is in town! My mom has TONS of energy and she loves to cook. The kids always end up in the kitchen with her, preparing something yummy. Check out what they’ll be making tonight: Greek Style Halibut 2 Tbsp EVOO, divided 4 Halibut fillets … Continue reading

Vera Cruz fillets

Vera Cruz fillets

One of our sweet customers shared this recipe with me! I LOVE tomatoes, olives and capers ~ so this is an instant winner in my book. We will have our Angel Shark this week and I think that would be a great fit for this recipe. I’m trying this one Sunday night after the Market!

Gingery Peach Salmon

Gingery Peach Salmon

We are big fans of ginger flavored anything at our house. And we eat more peaches in Summertime than most real life Georgians (bless their hearts). I’m serving a fluffy Cous Cous as an additional side with this… well, because that is what I have handy and because we have a lot of mouths to … Continue reading

Baqueta Recipe


If you haven’t tried it ~ Baqueta is a white fish, firmer texture that Halibut, and taste wise is somewhere between a Halibut and Sea Bass. It’s great for baking, steaming, pan frying… I would do tacos with this, as well as roast a piece in the oven as this fish usually yeilds a nice … Continue reading


Two days ago at Monterey Fish Market, I was greeted by glistening fillets of “Louvar.” I love fish and will try just about everything from the sea that comes my way, and I had never heard of or seen Louvar. What is that? I asked the always charming guys at the fish market. Described as … Continue reading

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