Yes I Can Life

My littlest guy is 6. In his world these are facts: 1. He will marry me. (And that isn’t weird at all to him) 2. If I would only allow him to climb the 40 ft tall Eucalyptus tree near our house, capture the owl that hoots at night he could then ‘tame him’  and … Continue reading


If you ever wanted to be sure your kids don’t spend the entire summer bugging you about being bored, I have found the solution. Well, two solutions. First, your own mother, who has more energy than a hyperactive 6 year old should come for a visit and decide to ‘re-do’ your backyard into a tiny … Continue reading


“Disappointing” Holiday

Have you ever had a ‘disappointing’ holiday? Like, maybe you thought you’d get a cool gift you’ve been wanting… and then, whomp! Instead, you received a gift card to a crappy place you don’t even like. Or, worse yet, no gift was given at all and instead you got a ‘cheery wish’ via Facebook. Or … Continue reading


art·ist  /ˈärtist/ A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill. Miss Anna will be showing one of her paintings next weekend at the Annual Fine Arts Festival (put on by our homeschool group). It seems I’ll never see the top of my kitchen table again… it is covered in art stuff. But I’m … Continue reading

Easter Dinner

Homeschooling Mommas everywhere use any available opportunity to teach their kids. (Some of us can even be a teensy bit irritating about it.) When a lesson needs to be taught that we aren’t equipped to teach, thankfully we have a wonderful array of other homeschooling families that we can call upon. That is, when our … Continue reading


Big Guns

I rarely have to call on the ‘big guns’ to handle my battles, but I’m glad that when the occasion arises, my Fisherman’s got my back. The trouble I am referring to (this week, anyway) comes in the form of a twinkly eyed, curly headed, 2 1/2 feet tall package of dy-no-mite. Many, many days … Continue reading


Q & A

I normally use this spot to just yammer a bit about being married to my Fisherman…. and all the stuff that goes with it. But, I thought I’d take a minute to answer some very common questions we hear at the Market. In doing so, I hope to clear up some misconceptions but also to … Continue reading

House Zoo

Our house is a zoo. It’s kind of like that normally… all wild and busy. But NOW it’s really a zoo. About 6 years ago, we got our oldest son a dog. I was never a dog person myself. I had cats mostly growing up. I just didn’t understand how people who had dogs could … Continue reading


We love our fishing life. We really do. Much like anybody else, our industry has it’s challenges. When we are in the midst of a challenge, often times the person I’d like most to commiserate with is 100 miles or so offshore. Or working during the hours that sane people sleep, and then still working … Continue reading



Hello to our newest Fresh Fish Fans! If you were one of the sweet people who signed up for our weekly email last weekend, I’d like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in our Fresh Fish. The ‘Fisherman’s Wife’ section is usually a place where I write about our lives as a … Continue reading

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