Principle’s Office In A Boat

My two oldest kids really love to learn. They both have their favorite subjects, their not so favorites too ~ but for the most part, they are pretty happy when our kitchen table (and every other surface in the house) is covered with opened books, papers, markers, worksheets etc. Then, I have my little man. … Continue reading

30 Days

We’ve been given another 30 days!!! HAAAA!! It’s not the answer I was really hoping for…. BUT, it’s better than a big old NO! Next step is a sit down meeting to (supposedly) ‘find a way to make it work’. I honestly don’t know what the outcome of that will be… but we’ll keep you … Continue reading

Outer Space Jammies

My youngest is super into all things ‘Outer Space’  His grandma got him a nifty Astronaut Helmet for Christmas… it makes noises and has a flip up thingy in the front …. super cool stuff. His nightlight shines planets and stars up on the ceiling. Even though he is way too hot wearing them, he … Continue reading


I have a confession to make. I bought a pair of UGG boots. I’ve always hated UGG boots. Because of the imbeciles that wear short-shorts and UGGS together, I secretly think less of people wearing them (except for any of you who happen to wear them, of course) and I think they are a waste … Continue reading


Christmas is Coming

I’m a huge Christmas fan. I start listening to Christmas music in November, and I put my tree and decorations up the day after Thanksgiving. Yep, I’m that annoying person. I try to refrain from posting too many of those irritating ‘inspirational Christmas quotes’ on my FB page… but yeah, for the most part this … Continue reading

Arranging Our Lives

My week was going along OK, calendar packed full but manageable if all went as planned, assuming I was able to move pretty quickly the whole week. I was chugging along… thinking how weird it was that a whole week was going to happen kind of pretty much as planned. Anytime Chris calls from the … Continue reading


There are certain benchmarks in parenting. First smile, eating solids, potty training. One I enjoyed was when whoever was older was able to help strap the next youngest into their carseat. Then, the wonderful day when all of them could just pile in and buckle themselves in! Yay!  No longer having a diaper bag is … Continue reading

Crazy House

Since we just don’t see enough crazy at our house… Switching seasons is never fun. There’s just a lot of work (on top of the normal heavy load) with a bunch of stress to do it fast, before we all go broke. Plus, of course the unknown factors of if the fish will show up … Continue reading


There are not words to describe our past 2 weeks. It’s been a psychotic whirlwind mixture of what seems to be a special brand of crazy that only our family can produce. The positive: Sonny and his wife have their little package of sweetness at home! He’s perfect and beautiful and healthy! We are so … Continue reading

On Being Mom

Any time now, our deckhand Sonny & his wife Jenna are expecting their first son. Their boy will grow up on the water, like ours has. He will spend many a naptime and diaper changes at the dock. His first pair of Xtra Tuffs will be a Christmas gift when he’s four. Like us, they … Continue reading

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