My kids got ‘just because gifts’ in the mail from their Grandma this week. They were so happy! My little guy got this super cool vintage Circus set (the same one I had around his age). I don’t even want to know what my Mom had to pay on Ebay to find this little treasure. … Continue reading

Up To Something

We are up to something!  If we are normally operating at 100 miles an hour… now… we are at like Warp Speed or something. There is SO much happening for Fresh Fish Fanatics, for the guys on the boat and for our family all at once. But every single bit of it is Good. For … Continue reading

On Vacation

The fisherman’s wife is ‘ON VACATION’…. if by vacation you mean packing everyone’s belongings (that’s 5 peoples worth of stuff…thank goodness for gigantic cars!), driving 6 hours round trip in a car full of people who are working on only 3 hours of sleep the night before (there was a method to this madness that … Continue reading

Mini Bliss

I love books. My most wonderful fantasy vacation doesn’t have anything to do with a destination per se. I could literally enjoy a vacation in Fresno (no offense if you are from or live in Fresno) if only a few conditions were met: 1. A really quiet hotel room 2. A super comfortable chair 3. … Continue reading


Max had the opportunity to enjoy a ‘Morning of Science’ at Pepperdine University this week. As part of a Summer program, the Science Department offered this chance to some homeschool groups from around our area. How cool, right? For Max, the excitement level over this was = to , or possibly even > than the … Continue reading


So it turns out packing up food, clothes, toys, sleeping bags, BBQ grill & drinks, 3 kids, & a dog…. and going to watch fireworks down on the boat turns out to be not only fun ~ but also completely exhausting. Instead of sharing a Fisherman’s Wife message this week, I am sipping coffee and … Continue reading


There is a special camaraderie among fishing families. Especially with fishing wives. I’m sure it’s the same among many groups, right? Like Nurses seem to all ‘get’ each other’s frustrations and share in their knowing winks…Teachers, also are a good example. In the trenches is better when there’s someone along side you.  For Fishermen’s Wives, … Continue reading

Summer Break

We don’t take an official summer break from school. Well at least not a full 10 weeks or whatever is the norm. Around this time, we usually take a week or so off from school and Spring Clean the whole house. For whatever reason, the act of Chris getting all of his gear ready to … Continue reading



I’ve been dealing with some health issues lately. Nothing too serious. But let’s face it, getting older is pretty lame. Anyway, kids are aware of stuff around them. This is part of a conversation I heard this week: babysitter: Micah, try to be quiet ~ your Mom is resting. Micah: I know, she’s really, really … Continue reading

Fresh Fish


My oldest son will be turning 13 this fall. I almost cry just typing that. How in the world have you parents who are further along than me managed this? Did you also wish for some sort of restraint to hold them back from growing even a tiny bit more? Did you want to check … Continue reading

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