I like to tease my husband about our kids being Rednecks at heart. (Please don’t take offense if you or someone you love is, in fact, an actual Redneck). He grew up in ‘The Valley’ (yep, that Valley – like, oh my god) But, I grew up in Bakersfield….way back when Bakersfield was a real … Continue reading



We are nearly at FOUR YEARS for our little fish market. What started as a stab at an ‘extra job’ (like we had time for that) has become quite a humming business. Well, almost. We are growing quickly in our customer base. We are established pretty much with our equipment and crew. ONE tiny issue. … Continue reading



We’ve learned to squeeze in We’ve learned to squeeze in together-ness whenever and wherever we can. Earning your living on the sea doesn’t work very well if you spend any time on the beach. I didn’t really get just how much time Chris would spend on the boat until we were a few years into … Continue reading


Commercial Fisherman in the US are inundated with about a zillion requirements & laws and under the authority of about as many governing agencies. Some of them are necessary and relevant and helpful. The others…ummmm? I’ll save that tangent for another day. One requirement is that annually, we must have our vessels & their mandated … Continue reading

Shakespearian Dreams

My dreams are filled with Shakespearean insults. Anna Grace is playing both the parts of ‘A Mighty Lord’ & ‘Vincentio’ (an old man, father to Lucentio) in Taming of the Shrew this weekend. She (which really means the two of us) has practiced her lines about 6 gazillion times over the past 6 months or … Continue reading

Crushed But Not Destroyed

My friends, it’s been a heck-of-a week. I know we all have them. Doesn’t it seem that when the storm hits, nothing is left untouched? Tomorrow, I will gather my own sweet children and we will attend Daisy Love Merrick’s Memorial Service. Daisy is daughter to my Pastor and his wife ~ she battled cancer … Continue reading


I have a ‘thing’ about having plenty of linens at my house. Sheets, blankets, towels…. there must be LOTS and they must be super overly fluffy. So to have enough for 5 people (especially when you add in the fishy-ness factor with the towels, allowing for  several days at sea at a time) you gotta … Continue reading

Nonstop Going

By the time the first two were pre-school aged they’d attended every mommy-and-me class we could find, nearly lived at the local parks, did Disney & Knotts ad nauseum and had visited all the local wonderful offerings (museums, zoos, trails, gardens etc) more times than we could count. Then, we had Mighty Micah D. Have … Continue reading

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