big kid

Big Kids

Having a little toddler around the house, really makes your ‘big kids’ seem HUGE! We spent last weekend with my sister, my mom and my seriously precious little niece. She’s tiny (compared to my gigantic kids), and very gentle and delicate. OH MAN… my Anna was in total heaven having a little one around to … Continue reading

Special Effects

Chris’ Dad was in the film industry. He was a special effects man. But, between movie jobs, he fished. So, when Chris graduated High School he came out to Channel Islands Harbor and started fishing on his Dad’s Swordfish boat. It was a way that he could get to know his own Dad a bit … Continue reading


Cake Ache

There was a LOT of cake at our house this week. Our 2 youngest have their birthdays only 2 days apart (well, 3 years & 2 days). Up until this year, we’ve been able to get away with ONE party for them both. Admittedly, it’s been more like a party for big sister – with … Continue reading

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