What’s your favorite way to cheer yourself up?

halloween candy

Every time I sit to write this little post, I just kind of ramble on about whatever is happening in our lives at the time. I just did that and when I re-read it…. for the first time ever I deleted the whole thing. It was SO negative!

So… rather than be a total downer (& since I am not paying you all for therapy) I will just say this:

When husbands leave their families to go far away to work…. it sucks for everyone involved. And putting on a brave, strong face is exhausting.

So, I’ve decided to do what any sane Momma in my situation would do. I will let the kids finish off their Halloween candy for dinner (OK, I might help a little) and will allow them to play their iPads without the required time limit while I watch some shows on Netflix that I never get to watch because Chris is horrified by how they kill off your brain cells.

I probably won’t feel any better. But I’m hoping that the combo of the sugar rush and then the crash, along with the rampant screen time just might exhaust the kids and hurtle us all of into an early bedtime. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

What’s your favorite way to cheer yourself up?

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