Community Pool


We’ve lived in our new place for about 4 1/2 months already. We love it! We are really enjoying the Community Pool, having a bit more space, being closer to the boat…it’s all so good! Of course, there are still boxes in the garage. And I still have to stop and really think sometimes about where I decided the extra linens are now stored, or which day the trash is supposed to be put out. But, we all really love this house!

Our new neighbors have been so awesome! The kids and I have met so many nice people. As we’ve chatted with them, I have been reminded of how ‘interesting’ this whole Commercial Fishing thing is to other people. We are so used to it, that we forget how odd it must seem to people when they hear me say…’Oh, I’m not really sure where my husband is…the last time I talked to him he was somewhere near 119 W, but that was a few days ago’ Or when I have to RSVP to invites with ‘Yes, we are coming! Unless the weather changes….’ Most people think we are a little crazy. We have no idea when he will be home, how much money we will make (or lose), or if we can attend some event 3 months away. ‘Normal’ for us includes:  having dates on Wednesday morning at 11, taking our kids to Disneyland after everyone else is in school, packing bags and driving to random Harbors at 2 am, dragging kids out of their beds to watch fish being unloaded (which they think is great fun!) and making a School Project out of preserving, sanding and carving our names into Swordfish Bills. Hey, it’s educational.

So I do what any new neighbor does. I try to explain…and then just  default to ‘smile and wave’.  I tell the kids to not be too noisy. I try to keep most of the fishing stuff at storage and not at home, and the dog on her leash (mostly). And when I can, I bring our neighbors some of our fresh fish. That usually helps. Hopefully, when they hear a loud diesel truck pull up in the middle of the night and peer into the shadows to see a couple smelly guys in slickers and Xtra Tuffs hauling out 20 huge White Sea Bass, with my kids (and the dog) going nuts because daddy is home, they will not be too offended. Hopefully.

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