Crushed But Not Destroyed

Daisy Love

My friends, it’s been a heck-of-a week. I know we all have them. Doesn’t it seem that when the storm hits, nothing is left untouched? Tomorrow, I will gather my own sweet children and we will attend Daisy Love Merrick’s Memorial Service. Daisy is daughter to my Pastor and his wife ~ she battled cancer for nearly half of her 8 years on this earth. Oh how my heart aches for this family…. but especially for Kate (Daisy’s Mama). And yet, deep deep down my soul sings for Daisy. She is whole, free and joyous in the arms of Jesus.

Last month, another friend of ours faithfully completed her years long battle with Cancer. Maybe she is holding Daisy’s hand now? And as I am attempting to process the meaning of these beautiful lives, yet another of my sweet friends shares the news of her diagnosis. I’m overwhelmed, reaching for steady ground…grasping for the Anchor. Then, the news of the 4 young men on Fishing Vessel Miss Ally crashes into my heart. Oh, their families! How they must be frantically hoping for a miracle. I’ve learned the art of pushing these thoughts from my head over the years… But reading the reality of it… For his 30 years at sea, my husband has returned to our safe Harbor! Grace upon grace!

As I scoured the internet this week (my way of coping) searching for news of these boys, and for exact meanings of diagnostic terminology, and to read and re-read the inspired words from a crushed but not destroyed mother…. I remembered this song. Dominic Balli wrote this awhile back for Daisy. Perfect Dom ~ thank you!

(You can read the beautiful, hope-filled & amazing story of Daisy Love Merrick at

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