Dancing The Night Away

We had a family wedding last week. If I were less obsessed with my own children I would probably write a nice little blog post about how beautiful the bride was, or all of the thoughtful details they put into the planning or the very touching speeches and toasts we heard. But instead, I cannot stop thinking about my own sweet babies. Something occurred at the wedding that I am still processing.

Here’s the scene: I’m already kind of teary just driving in the car on the way to the wedding since my sweet little girl (who was all dressed up in her flower girl stuff and looking very pretty) takes this moment to casually smooth down her dress and state ‘I wonder if Nathan*, you know, from acting class, would think I look pretty in this dress?’ At that second I happened to be attempting to merge over 3 lanes to catch the off ramp from the 101 to the 405, so I was driving/looking/processing/white knuckling/freaking out on what she just said all at once. What.In.The.World. did she just say?  I made the exit and we did not crash. So, good….but I think I lost about 5 years off my life. Ummmmm….. my little girl is a LITTLE GIRL. She doesn’t like boys yet!! And who the heck was this kid she was practically running off and eloping with?? ACCCKKK! NO! I got a few exits down before I could be sure tears were not going to fall, realizing that she was telling me in her own way she was growing up…. and did I notice… and was she pretty?… and will the boys think so too?

Then, we arrive and everyone is blown away by how much my kids have grown and how amazingly grownup and handsome my biggest boy looked all spruced up in his suit!  As a matter of fact, he looked SO grown up and handsome that one of the ‘Jr. Bridesmaids’ spent the entire 1 1/2 hours of photo time following him around and staring and giggling and acting well, a little like I was probably acting at her age (hey, honesty is best right). Thank God he didn’t even notice her…. or so I thought. It started to dawn on me, as I sat and watched this whole scene that the Groom at this wedding was the same age as my sweet little girl when he and his sister (who was my flower girl) at my wedding. And that was not THAT long ago. At least it seems that way. I rarely wear make-up. I didn’t think to bring anything extra. Now, I was really trying to change my thoughts so I didn’t start crying like some crazy lady, ruin my makeup and embarrass myself.  I mean, the ceremony hadn’t even started yet.

Next, we’re leaving the wedding …. still being followed by that little hussy of a Jr Bridesmaid (I’m sorry, I am sure she is actually sweet as pie ~ it’s my Mom-Goggles, I am sure of it)… and we are on our way to the Reception. Now, it’s big boy’s turn. He casually asks me ‘Momma, am I allowed to ask other girls to dance? You know, besides you and sister?’ I answered with a confident YES, of course! So smug, I was. So very sure that my super precious, first born, total Momma’s Boy never even noticed that girl and could have ONLY meant dancing with Cousin Amanda or Aunt Judy… .right?  SO, SO WRONG.

That little traitor of a kid sat on the edge of his seat, in a near panic until the DJ finally announced it was time to dance. He then made a lightening quick bee-line right for that little Jr. Bridesmaid and danced half the night with her, and then, the other half the night with TWO OTHER Jr Bridesmaids who giggled and flipped their hair and followed my precious sweet innocent little man all over and basically RUINED him forever!! It’s like he was slipped that horrible, forbidden poison known as Attention-From-A-Female and now, my baby is GONE and some new confident, to-cool-to-dance-with-mom, thankless, girl crazy beast has replaced him! I escaped to the bathroom to cry over my boy/man in private and was happy to see one of those air hand dryer things in case I really got out of control and had to muffle my sobbing. Thank goodness it wasn’t necessary…. barely.

And, for the record, Mr. Nathan* from acting class ~ you will NEVER EVER get a chance to see my daughter in that dress, or any other dress since she will now only be allowed out of the house in a sack. Or maybe footie pajamas with little rainbows on them so you can see how young and little and well, young she really is. And just FYI… if you think I’m bad, you oughta get a gander of her big, huge, mean Daddy! HA!!

I did have some consolation in this whole thing. My littlest man still has his heart set on marrying me. He’s pretty sure someday Daddy will ‘get tired of me’ ~ nice, right? ~ so he plans to step in then and marry me and live with me forever. Of course, he’s also pretty sure he would like to build a ‘Minecraft House’ to live in someday too….  Plus, my sweet girl still wants to sleep with me every night, and she’s sure that if she ever gets married she would just have her husband move into her room so she wouldn’t have to move away and miss me. And, even my big boy melted my heart yesterday by grabbing my hand in the parking lot at Vons, holding it as he talked to me until he was going to reach for a cart and realized he was holding my hand and then quickly let go. Dang. Why, oh why, oh why do they have to let go?

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