“Disappointing” Holiday


Have you ever had a ‘disappointing’ holiday? Like, maybe you thought you’d get a cool gift you’ve been wanting… and then, whomp! Instead, you received a gift card to a crappy place you don’t even like. Or, worse yet, no gift was given at all and instead you got a ‘cheery wish’ via Facebook.

Or maybe, you dreamed that on this one day… your awesomeness would finally be fully realized and all within your realm would lower their eyes in your presence and fan you while you slept in and you wouldn’t lift ONE SINGLE FINGER in the kitchen for the whole entire day? Hey, a lady can dream.

My Mother’s Day turned out to be really nice. But, it wasn’t exactly a Fairy Tale. My hands were deep in dishes, the ‘sleeping in’ part was not attained, one kid had episodes of tears, 2 kids didn’t want to stop their Lego building long enough to hand make a Mom’s Day card for me…. but did offer buy a new Lego set for me that they’ve been wanting. And, then kindly offered to ‘let me’ keep it in my own room. Ummm… all I can say at this point, is that I am SO grateful The Good Lord, in his wisdom, knew I needed my little girl among all of the heathen boys.

Boys simply are NOT, if left to their own devices, good at gift giving and celebrations. (And, if your amazingly perfect boys ARE naturals at this…. please just lie through your teeth so I don’t feel so bad) And, before you think I am unfairly preferring one of my kids over the other two… seriously, this is NOT the deal. But, my girl has got my back in this area! She SO gets that a Momma doesn’t just want recognition on Momma’s Day but that she NEEDS it~  and that what any Momma seriously. does. not. need. is to have to drag out the construction paper for homemade cards herself, drive all the kids to the flower stand, pay for the flowers, purchase the online gift card, plan, shop for and make the ‘Mom’s Day Meal’, clean up the mess, and remember to remind the Big Guy to call his own Mother. And yes, this is all from previous experience ~ before my girls was old enough to team up with me to properly train Our Men/Boys Who Love Us But Are Bewildered About How We Prefer To Be Shown The Love.

This year, my Girl went into action and fought like a little soldier to make sure my day was LOVELY. Because of her tenacity, among some of the just plain real stuff that every day life delivers, there was this really good stuff:  I was sent out to the pool, alone and with a book (that alone… just that alone… oh, yes!), while Anna and Daddy made breakfast for me. Then, we all ate together (a true gift at our house). I was also presented with a truly cool, super comfy, new (to me) BIKE that I had been eyeing for weeks. Anna had noticed my online ogling of this bike, got the info from my search history on my computer, passed it to The Big Guy and together they made it happen. Then, we ALL rode bikes, watched movies, played with the dogs and just hung out together all the live long day!

There was no rushing around or checking off of to-do lists. So, in all the slowness I just watched them all.  I loved seeing my littlest guy peddling his bike furiously trying to keep up with the big kids, his wild curls flying. I listened (like, actually listened – not just ‘ummm-hmmmed’) as my sweet girl explained just how she cooked the eggs… and I noticed her tuck her hair back behind her ear, and wipe her hands on the kitchen towel just like I do. Max and I walked the dogs and talked about random stuff… and oh how I loved hearing his emerging quirky/dry sense of humor. The Big Guy got some down time… and the usual sense of urgency that presses him through his long, hard days was for the moment, suppressed. He aired up bike tires. Tied kids shoes. Gave high-fives. And relaxed with his family. So, so awesome.

I can’t even tell you how super stoked I am about my awesome bike…. but the very best part was that one whole day I spent simply being those kid’s Mom and that Big Guy’s wife.

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