Easter Dinner

Homeschooling Mommas everywhere use any available opportunity to teach their kids. (Some of us can even be a teensy bit irritating about it.) When a lesson needs to be taught that we aren’t equipped to teach, thankfully we have a wonderful array of other homeschooling families that we can call upon. That is, when our pride doesn’t get in the way.

I decided that preparing our Easter dinner would be a super ‘lesson time’ spent with my Anna. She really loves to be in the kitchen with me and entertainment and decorating are right up her alley.

Early Sunday morning, we enthusastically began our lesson. We gathered our ingredients, made up a menu and timeline list so everything would come out hot at the right time. We had time to make our Church service, get the house company ready then to prepare and lay out the hors d’oeuvres.  According to our detailed plan our beautiful meal and the dessert would all come out Martha Stewart perfect and hit the table hot and tasty and of course, all with impeccable timing. We even put up some super cute little decorations. I was feeling quite proud.

My sweet Anna is such a great little student. She’s enthusiastic and sharp…. plus, she stops to give me little hugs and sweet smiles. What a treasure she is!

I use Pinterest to keep my most current recipes in order. But honestly, for this particular Easter meal I wasn’t exactly pulling out all the stops. We’d be serving Ham (easy, peasy ~ just heat and serve), Scalloped Pototoes & Deviled Eggs (both dishes we had in my family growing up countless times ~ no mystery to me how to turn these out) and Parmesan Garlic Roasted Asparagus (not exactly a tough thing to toss together). So my carefully Pinned and catagorized recipes weren’t of much use. Basically, I blew them off.  Anna asked a few times about them… and I explained that ‘some dishes don’t really even need a recipe!’ And then… went on to let her know how I could basically do this meal up with my eyes closed. I didn’t use that phrasing… but the implication ~ yeah, exactly that. Wow! Her eyes twinkled a bit with what I am pretty sure was admiration.

After enjoying our lovely table of hors d’oeuvres, the beautiful meal hit the table with yes, perfect timing. Ahhhhh… there were eager looks and a few compliments for the cooks about how wonderful it all looked. Success was ours!

Then, we picked up our forks. Anna’s face showed it first. Her eyes searched mine out, eyebrows slightly raised, with just a tinge of panic. The Ham: dry and hard. Like really dry. And really hard. The Eggs: SOOOO salty my throat burned a bit. The Scalloped Potatoes: Hard and crunchy. Like I didn’t even cook them at all. Oh, and super bland. The Asparagus: Barely cooked, stringy and hardly any parmesan at all (where the heck it all went, I have no idea) but, with SO much garlic it would have melted Dracula’s eyebrows right off.

So my kids, who were already nauseous from the vats of chocolate bunnies & jelly beans they’d consumed in the morning… dove into the little mini cheese cakes and the pineapple cherry cake…. which of course, turned out perfect. Clearly, my priorities are the desserts.

Plus, Anna had a solution. She announced her idea with excitement to the whole table. “Hey Mom… remember when I took that (insert whatever class she took, that was yet another area I obvioulsy fail in) from Mrs. (insert name of mom who clearly is wayyyy more awesome and better at… well, everything than I will ever be)? She had lots of cook books in her kitchen! Maybe we should ask if she’d like to teach this lesson?!”

Uhhh yeah…. that’s a great idea. Maybe she can also teach us a lesson in pride and how to mop your ego off the floor.

How was your Easter dinner?

(photo: looks good enough to eat, right? yeah, looks can be deceiving)

(photo: looks good enough to eat, right? yeah, looks can be deceiving)

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