French Crab Salad

First make the lentils, which will form the base of the salad. Put all lentil ingredients into a pot, bring to a boil and then simmer until the lentils are tender. Refrigerate. Tip: You can do this step the night before.

Take 3 FFF CKC and boil in water mixed with orange and lemon juice for 12 minutes. Pull them out and refrigerate or ice. Once cold, chop coarsely and add celery and onion. Mix.

Mix together ingredients and whisk right before dressing.

To serve:
Plate the cold lentils as a bed. Whisk the dressing well and pour over the crab salad. Mix and serve over cold lentils.

– Adam Levine

French Crab Salad

By October 2, 2014

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