Hello to our newest Fresh Fish Fans! If you were one of the sweet people who signed up for our weekly email last weekend, I’d like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in our Fresh Fish. The ‘Fisherman’s Wife’ section is usually a place where I write about our lives as a fishing family. I tell way too many personal details, rant a bit here and there and generally brag about my kids and husband. For today, with so many of you being new, I’ll spare you my ramblings and just get you some info:

In case you didn’t get the full story when you signed up (OK, when my kids begged you for your email addresses – we knew you couldn’t turn them down), here is a brief overview:

My husband Chris and his deckhand fish right out of Channel Islands Harbor, year round. Most of our catch from early each week is sold to bigger wholesale companies. But, whatever he lands the last day or two of the week (known as ‘top of the load’ or the best stuff!) is offered¬†directly to YOU, from us on Sundays. It just doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Depending on the season, we fish for Halibut, White Sea Bass and Swordfish. We also land Angel Shark, Thresher and Mako Shark, Opah, Blue Fin, Yellowtail, Louvar, Spider and Ca King Crab & Albacore. We will also bring in, from only trusted and tested sources a few additional fresh seafood favorites when you request them. Currently, we offer Salmon, Scallops and Shrimp on a regular basis. Chris hand picks these himself (after 32 years in this business I consider him a total expert), and will offer only what he considers excellent tasting products, from other local fishermen or providers that he is confident in, and that he is proud to stand behind.

On Friday, Chris calls me with an update on what they are catching and what our availablity should be for Sunday. I then complile that information, some tips or yummy recipes (please share yours ~ we love to feature them!) and send it out to you for your planning… and let’s be honest, to get y’all pretty excited about some fresh fish dinners!

Early on Sunday morning, Chris and his deckhands unload his freshest catch, and fillet it for you all so you can take home ready to cook portions. Often times, if you are one of our earliest customers you will catch them filleting one of our beautiful fish. It’s quite a sight to see! We are happy to offer our super fresh catch directly to you (seriously, at this point it’s never even left the dock), at very competative prices, with what we consider excellent service.

We are happy to pack your fresh fish in ice for your trip home (you may consider bringing a small cooler or insulated bag). We accept debit or credit cards and cash. For most items, you are welcome to email me if you’d like me to prepare your order and hold it for you until you arrive on Sunday. This works well for people who are busy Sunday morning…. but want to be sure to get their fresh fish! Just provide the quantity (in pounds), type of fish and your name and cell number.

Something to keep in mind: We are happy to offer a discount to active military persons, or foster and adoptive families. Also, if you have 4 or more children we extend a discount to you. Just mention it to us and we’ll take care of you!

So, keep your eye out for our Friday email…. and please, Forward to a friend, if you know of someone else who might enjoy the freshest fish available! We rely on ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising…(and my kids, of course) and are proud to have grown steadily from our sweet customers sharing about us. Feel free to check us out on FB and share your recipes or comments there. More information, some great customer recipes and comments and a some of my previous emails can be found on our website at

We value each and every person we meet at the Market, are excited to get to know you and love to hear your feedback.

We look forward to seeing you on the dock!

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