Peace, patience and a little something extra

I’m neck deep in school books, lesson plans, goal sheets, boxes of new pencils…. Chris is neck deep in gear changes, and maintenance and obsessive weather watching. We start our school year when Chris leaves for Swordfish Season. It makes him being gone a little easier as the distraction of new books and this year’s … Continue reading


Alright, I am being super honest here. I can. not. even. begin. to write any sort of coherent sentences this week. Besides the fact that my house is just one more unfolded newspaper and randomly tossed pair of kids shoes away from imploding on itself (which makes my brain totally short circuit), my darling Fisherman … Continue reading

Ships In The Night

Chris and I were literally ships passing in the night. In the fall of 1998, before he and I had ever met, I’d been living on a little sailboat, up in the SF Bay Area.  After much prepping and planning I sailed under the Golden Gate and was headed ‘South’ on my first longish-term cruise. … Continue reading


Two of my kids are participating in a family wedding this weekend (flower girl and ring bearer) where their cousin will be getting married. Micah is quite excited about wearing a Tuxedo and of course Anna is thrilled with all of the flowery dress-up plans and excitement about walking down the aisle. All 3 of … Continue reading

Switching over

  Here we sit, blue notepads poised and blood pressure beginning to boil, ready for furious notes and lists. Another season change is upon us. In a little over 2 weeks, Chris will step onto the deck of his temporary home and do what he does best….. land a whole bunch of fish. White Sea … Continue reading

Greek Style Halibut

The Fisherman’s Wife is taking the day off from writing…. Grandma is in town! My mom has TONS of energy and she loves to cook. The kids always end up in the kitchen with her, preparing something yummy. Check out what they’ll be making tonight: Greek Style Halibut 2 Tbsp EVOO, divided 4 Halibut fillets … Continue reading
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