Principle’s Office In A Boat

My two oldest kids really love to learn. They both have their favorite subjects, their not so favorites too ~ but for the most part, they are pretty happy when our kitchen table (and every other surface in the house) is covered with opened books, papers, markers, worksheets etc. Then, I have my little man. … Continue reading

30 Days

We’ve been given another 30 days!!! HAAAA!! It’s not the answer I was really hoping for…. BUT, it’s better than a big old NO! Next step is a sit down meeting to (supposedly) ‘find a way to make it work’. I honestly don’t know what the outcome of that will be… but we’ll keep you … Continue reading

Outer Space Jammies

My youngest is super into all things ‘Outer Space’  His grandma got him a nifty Astronaut Helmet for Christmas… it makes noises and has a flip up thingy in the front …. super cool stuff. His nightlight shines planets and stars up on the ceiling. Even though he is way too hot wearing them, he … Continue reading
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