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Our house is a zoo. It’s kind of like that normally… all wild and busy. But NOW it’s really a zoo.

About 6 years ago, we got our oldest son a dog. I was never a dog person myself. I had cats mostly growing up. I just didn’t understand how people who had dogs could tolerate their dog hair everywhere, making messes of their houses, their dog smell – you get the picture. Then, we got Tippy…and everything changed. This dog is the best dog ever. No really. She came to us after being very abused but has been exceptionally wonderful since the day we got her. No health issues, sweet and calm & just loves to be near us. She instantly turned me into one of those dog people. Hair everywhere, smells and mess? Who cares!! Tippy has brought love to our home. It’s been a breeze really. She’s been such a gift to us.

Last week, we succumbed to our other kiddos wishes. Our youngest boy has always wanted a Turtle. So for his birthday, he finally got a cute little water Turtle. So far, easy enough. I’m OK with the Turtle. The kids like it well enough, at least the clean up part is in a contained area and I’m fairly certain it won’t escape from it’s gigantic tank thingy, so I am good. And so the zoo expands.

Then, sweet girl’s birthday was a few days later. She’s been promised her own dog for 2 years now. We’ve even tried a few out and been forced to return them for various reasons. This time, it pretty much must work out….she’s been heartbroken already & we kinda need to make this work.

We got a call from a local animal rescue letting us know they had what they considered a ‘match’ for us. So I quickly stowed my little ones in the car, grabbed a leash in case it worked out and zoomed out to take a look. Well, unless you have a heart of stone, you can’t visit a place like that with 3 little kids and leave without a dog. Maybe if you have your more logical thinking spouse with you, you might even think things through a bit before you rush out the door.  But if it’s just the kids and the makes-decisions-based-on-the-level-of-cuteness/emotion/begging-factor Momma who is in charge, you pretty much come home with a new dog. Crazy Zoo family, meet Tucker. He’s a really cute, 7 month old thing… maybe a Lab/Shepherd mix?… wild and fun and should fit right in. Except for one thing. He’s a 7 months old wild & fun thing.

See, part of the reason I love Tippy SO MUCH is because she is SO EASY. The Turtle is tolerable, because it’s not a complete pain in the foot. Mr. Tucker, the new puppy…??? Uhhh, the thing jumps all over and tries to get in the house and tries to ‘hug your leg’  if you know what I mean..ackkk… When I tried to walk the wild beast, it pulled me over & I twisted my ankle. Don’t get me wrong. Tucker is a good dog. He is already learning & will do great with training. He’s just a wild puppy!

So in my irritation with myself, for not making wiser decisions I did something selfish. I talked to my daughter about re-thinking our choice & considering exchanging Tucker for a dog that is a little older and more settled. Yes, I really did that. And yes, she cried her little eyes out and made me feel terrible. Now I could easily pull my ‘I’m-the-mom-card’ and take charge here. But guess how I learned what the right response in this situation is? My kids. Yep, the ones I am supposed to be leading and teaching. They reminded me that LOVE, real true love, takes TIME & COMMITTMENT. They said I had told them that we SERVE the ones we love. It’s not always about getting our needs met. Sometimes it’s about meeting the needs of others. Welcome to the Zoo Family, Tucker. You’ll be in good hands here. You are already loved.

Happy Easter everyone!  I love this time of year. Spring is springing… Our house is wild, but full of love. A special thank you to Sonny and Jim for taking care of business for us this week. We are really excited as we’ll be celebrating both Easter and the Baptism of our two oldest children. Easter Blessings on each of you ~ and may your day be filled with the knowledge of how truly loved you are!

Shelly~ the new turtle. Our littlest guy's first pet.

Shelly~ the new turtle. Our littlest guy’s first pet.

Tippy, her first day with us. Gentle best friend for our boy.

Tippy, her first day with us. Gentle best friend for our boy.


(Above: Tucker, wild & sweet new puppy.)

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