I have a ‘thing’ about having plenty of linens at my house. Sheets, blankets, towels…. there must be LOTS and they must be super overly fluffy. So to have enough for 5 people (especially when you add in the fishy-ness factor with the towels, allowing for  several days at sea at a time) you gotta have some SERIOUS amounts of linens going on. A very large capacity washer/dryer set up helps too.

When people get sick….like icky sick… and pretty much everything in your house needs to be washed…. WOW!!! That is a whole lotta washing going on.

This week there was an ailment in our house – trust me on sparing you the details. Anywho – I found myself in the middle of managing the icky-ness and attempting to sanitize every washable fabric in our house. Seriously, I was kinda losing it a little. Thank Goodness I had a lovely friend to help me. This kind lady needs a commendation of some sort – maybe an interstate named after her for her patience and perseverance. Women friends have a special way of coming into a sinking Momma’s house and just taking over a getting stuff done. Thank God for that!

The most affected by the ick, was my super sweet girl Anna.  Poor baby. She had a terrible week. Anyway, at the end of the week, after many days of enduring all this nonsense with a totally sweet attitudelooks up at me at says ‘Thank you so much for taking care of me Mom. I know it was hard on you. Maybe we can look at the good part! This has been icky and all, but we can be grateful that we have all these sheets and towels in the first place! A lot of people might not be so blessed.’ Wow, right in the heart…. My little babies are so often the ones who teach me.

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