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I’m a list maker. Sometimes, I make a list of the lists I need to make. It’s that bad. Just like each of you, we juggle quite a bit each day to make our life happen, so these lists are Super Necessary.

This week I was going extra crazy with the lists… I like to do an update on our weekly chores lists and to do lists and school lists at the beginning of the year. You know, working out bugs and stuff. I also like to go over our ‘Business Plans’ with Chris for the upcoming year ~ it helps us both focus a bit more, be on the same page etc. Well, there are several hurdles for this little meeting. Assuming we’ve stowed the kids away upstairs with a movie they can all agree on (not easy) and we both happen to be home or at least within Sat phone availability…. we still have the problem that we are both ‘Big Picture People’. We LOVE coming up with ideas, and talking over dreams…. coming up with solutions and ways to make fishing and the market better. We’re both talkers… so you can imagine how sometimes we can get a little off topic 🙂  So I’m scribbling away as we are tossing ideas around. Then, I started the task of trying to add some loose ‘deadlines’ to keep us on track. Then, it became obvious that there is no way we could accomplish all that we’d like before we were in a retirement community. So we refined our lists.

The cool thing is we have some GREAT ideas for this year. We are planning for improvements and growth and sharing our steps with you all as it unfolds. On the flip side, in all my planning I forgot to pencil in time to sleep or eat. 🙂 Just joking… but it feels that way. The reality shove I got was a comment I got from my sweet girl ‘Momma, can you write on your list ...cuddle with Anna…?’  Yep, I think I’d better write that one down and put a star next to it.

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