Two days ago at Monterey Fish Market, I was greeted by glistening fillets of “Louvar.” I love fish and will try just about everything from the sea that comes my way, and I had never heard of or seen Louvar. What is that? I asked the always charming guys at the fish market.

Described as a cross between swordfish and halibut in its flavor, Louvar was a fish I had to try. I did a light ginger citrus marinade about 20 minutes before Paul tossed this mystery fish on the grill.

IT WAS DELICIOUS. Wow. So flaky, succulent, tender.

The next day I went back to Monterey Fish to find out more about Louvar – specifically when could I get more. Here is the story I got: Louvar is an illusive fish that is caught only when a swordfish boat trolling the California coastline happens to catch a glimpse of one. It has the odd distinction of dining only on jellyfish. The owner of Monterey Fish told me they were the #1 buyer of Louvar in California this year for a total of 170 pounds. He figured that meant one fish.

I probably should be keeping this delectable discovery to myself, but just in case you come across Louvar at a restaurant or fish market, I want you to taste it.

In keeping with the mysterious nature of the Louvar, I don’t have a photo of this dish. By the time I thought of sharing the recipe with you, we had already eaten it all.

Enjoy! And please keep letting us know what you like (or don’t like) how you prepare our fish… and anything else you’d like to tell us. It really does help to keep us motivated and encouraged and I hope always improving with better ways to serve you all. Thanks for your awesomeness!


By October 12, 2012



Combine ingredients for marinade. Place fish in marinade for approximately 20 minutes at room temp, flipping time to time to insure an even marinade.
Grill for no more than 2-3 minutes per side on very hot grill.

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