Meet The Crew


Every Sunday afternoon, after all of the stuff is scrubbed up and put away we head up the dock talking over the day. The little mess ups, the funny moments and mostly our amazing customers. Well, a while back one of you started chatting with us (OK, I might have started the chatting….you know how I can be) and before we knew it, we’d found JOHN!  Have I mentioned how much I love doing this?

Mr. John has been cutting meat for a living for nearly as long as Chris has been fishing. He’s usually pretty quiet, has a super kind smile and a heart to match. With only a week or so under his belt as a ‘retiree’ – we snatched him up a put him to WORK!! We are having a great time getting to know him and watching his cutting skills in action.

Thanks John for all of your work and your wonderful attitude!

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