Midlife Crisis?


Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis? I’m not sure…but my husband has been acting a bit strange lately. He hasn’t bought a sports car or anything. Chris had a birthday yesterday – he turned 50. That’s big!!  I asked him in January, as I was going over the 2012 ‘plans’ if he wanted a party this year.  It was kind of in jest…. He NEVER has a party. Not because he isn’t social – but because a party would mean that on that day (or night) he’d be required to NOT GO TO WORK (gasp). It’s just ‘not done’ around here.  But at the last moment, he announced that he’d like to have a Birthday Party this year. Uh…. what? So with less than the necessary time to ‘throw together’ a birthday bash commensuarte with the largeness of the birthday guy’s personality – the kids and I went to work!! Thank goodness I work best under pressure. And thank goodness for the internet. And overnight shipping. 🙂

This week we will be honoring my amazing, selfless, tenacious, dedicated and yes…fanatical husband’s 1/2 Century Birthday. Please bear with us as we take this Sunday off from the Fish Market. Of anybody I know, this man deserves a PARTY!

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