Natural History


What a beautiful time of year. This was at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. We had a really beautiful day and slowly enjoyed just a few small parts of what was offered there.

I get these homeschool emails that have tons of wonderful suggestions for things to do with your kids. Many times, I end up feeling terrible for not making the time to go do all these things. Or to not complete all the amazing crafty ways to teach your kids idioms or the parts of speech or a different language or whatever else some other, more together mom has taught her kids. I can easily begin to worry about all that we simply don’t have time to DO.

But sometimes, I am able to just calm the heck down and go to the SB Museum of Natural History. Or take our lunch out to the backyard and just hang out.  Or add some new stuff to our Pandora thingy and having an impromptu dance party – and not watch the clock the whole time. Just dance with my kids.  At the time of year when I usually crank up the ‘lists of stuff to do’ to ensure that our upcoming Holidays are GREAT – I’m thinking that maybe this year will be the one where I just calm the heck down. Maybe this year, the top of my ‘Christmas List’ will be JUST ENJOY…LESS IS MORE.

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