On Vacation


The fisherman’s wife is ‘ON VACATION’…. if by vacation you mean packing everyone’s belongings (that’s 5 peoples worth of stuff…thank goodness for gigantic cars!), driving 6 hours round trip in a car full of people who are working on only 3 hours of sleep the night before (there was a method to this madness that didn’t work as planned – thinking exhausted kids would HAVE to fall asleep was a novice move I’m frankly ashamed to have made), having your car (that I seriously just made the last payment on 7 days ago) break down 30 minutes away from our destination, of course with all of those tired kids and all their stuff strewn about it), and listening non-stop (in between rounds of ‘are we almost there yet?’) to how the weather call changed and that my ‘Co-Captain’ really should be out fishing right now.

But, maybe the hotel is nice you ask? There is a smell. Like something I can’t even begin to describe. This, coming from a person who virtually lives surrounded in fish and fish related smells. That’s all I have to say about that.

So…. the positive? Hang with me a minute while I search that little sucker out….

Oh yeah. This: I spent an hour kind of dozing in the peaceful backyard at my sister’s house while our kids played together. Let me say that again….our kids played together. What a gift. Oh why can’t California be a shorter State? 30 minutes between our two towns would be so much better!! Then, we all sat out on my Mom’s lovely backyard patio, enjoying one of the yummiest grilled burgers I’ve ever had.  My 3 kids spent the late afternoon and evening again with their cousin, Baby Lucy (who somehow isn’t a baby anymore). They played with her and took pictures and messed about with all of her little toys. They were surrounded by loved and loving Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents….just being together.

The car will be fixed. We will eventually catch up on sleep. Chris will fish tomorrow for the Market. But all of it will be richer and sprinkled with these little glistening memories of spending a day and a night with the ones we love. Yeah, I’ll take that treasure. Totally worth it.

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