Do you ever feel like your life is a blur? So many activities, responsibilities, places to be? Chris and I had 3 1/2 hours ALONE together this week. He came in to off load, re-ice, re-fuel. It happened to be during a time when I had scheduled a sitter as I had appointments where kids … Continue reading

Salmon Recipe

Simple Salmon

I just put oil in a pan, seasoned it with Trader Joe’s “21 Salute” and topped it with Panko crumbs (again from TJ) and some fresh dill, popped it into the pan.  The trick with fish is not to over cook it.  Cook until opaque on bottom and up sides – less than half way … Continue reading


What a beautiful start to this season. We are LOVING this sunshine.  The kids and I are settling into having Chris away….kind of. We’ve been staying up way too late, eating dinners that are for sure NOT dinner food (scrambled eggs are so fast, and so easy!) swimming a lot and making random stops at … Continue reading

Grilled Skin-on Sea Bass Recipe

Grilled Skin-on Sea Bass

Few fish are as pleasurable to grill than our local White Sea Bass.  Below you’ll find a simple technique for grilling your filets, which can be accompanied by fresh steamed or grlled veggies for a simple and delicious meal to celebrate Father’s Day!

Angel Shark Tacos with Avocado Salsa

Angel Shark is one of the favorites of locals in the know due to it’s great flavor, delicate texture, and overall versatility in the kitchen.  A classic choice for fish tacos at many of our local eateries and a fish that adapts great to any style of cooking, including grilling, broiling, deep frying, or pan … Continue reading

Steam Braised Fish

Our new favorite way to prepare our fish is “steam-braising”, which we learned from a chef in the UK, who admittedly made up the term, and have yet to find a fish that it does not work well with.  You won’t find mention of this technique anywhere I can think of, but you’ve probably done … Continue reading

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