#positivepostit day

I try to limit my time spent on Facebook (and then, the subsequent, random clicking around the interwebs) by getting up early-ish, and allowing myself to scroll and click around to my hearts content for as long as it takes me (within reason of course) to have coffee, a quick breakfast and check over my … Continue reading

Grilled Halibut

Brined Grilled Halibut

This very simple recipe produced what the hubby called “best fish I’ve ever eaten.” The brining and resting take several hours, but almost entirely unattended. The brining/driying toughens up the flesh a bit for grilling and keeps it moist. The mayo both seasons it and keeps it from sticking on the grill, This is adapted … Continue reading

French Crab Salad

French Crab Salad

Lentils First make the lentils, which will form the base of the salad. Put all lentil ingredients into a pot, bring to a boil and then simmer until the lentils are tender. Refrigerate. Tip: You can do this step the night before. Crab Take 3 FFF CKC and boil in water mixed with orange and lemon … Continue reading

Salmon Scramble

Sunday Morning Salmon Scramble

Saute the peppers and onions in coconut oil until soft and slightly browned Stir in tomatoes Cut salmon into bite sized pieces and add Cook until the salmon is mostly cooked through Add in eggs and cook until almost done Add in the mozzarella and cook until just starting to melt Garnish with dill or … Continue reading


There Can Be Only One Captain

After nearly 15 years of marriage and fishing and kids and more fishing we’ve pretty much worked out our ‘normal’ way of life. Chris wakes up very early (or often in the middle of the night) and goes fishing. This is what he does. Like, all the time. No exceptions. He handles all the things … Continue reading

Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis?

Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis? I’m not sure…but my husband has been acting a bit strange lately. He hasn’t bought a sports car or anything. Chris had a birthday yesterday – he turned 50. That’s big!!  I asked him in January, as I was going over the 2012 ‘plans’ if he wanted a party this … Continue reading

Happy Birthday

Speaking of the Birthday…

On his 50th we had an awesome party with lots of Sushi and other seafood, a bunch of his longtime friends and the family and even had a DJ & bartenders! That stuff is hard to top! So. Much. Fun. (And just in case you haven’t witnessed it, a bunch of 50ish year old fishermen … Continue reading

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