Weather Rules

Weather rules. It dominates our conversations, our decisions, our time apart (or together), our earning ability & it can be what determines our fate….although I’m pretty good at remaining in denial in that area. When Chris is home from fishing there is a nonstop searching of weather websites and updates. When he’s offshore, our phone … Continue reading

Fish Free ;)

One thing I had to learn to ‘let go’ when I became a Fisherman’s Wife was the notion of having anything at all that was not in some way ‘fishy’. Now, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not complaining nearly as much as it probably comes across in writing. There might be a smidgen of fussiness deep … Continue reading

Vera Cruz fillets

Vera Cruz fillets

One of our sweet customers shared this recipe with me! I LOVE tomatoes, olives and capers ~ so this is an instant winner in my book. We will have our Angel Shark this week and I think that would be a great fit for this recipe. I’m trying this one Sunday night after the Market!

Gingery Peach Salmon

Gingery Peach Salmon

We are big fans of ginger flavored anything at our house. And we eat more peaches in Summertime than most real life Georgians (bless their hearts). I’m serving a fluffy Cous Cous as an additional side with this… well, because that is what I have handy and because we have a lot of mouths to … Continue reading

Yes I Can Life

My littlest guy is 6. In his world these are facts: 1. He will marry me. (And that isn’t weird at all to him) 2. If I would only allow him to climb the 40 ft tall Eucalyptus tree near our house, capture the owl that hoots at night he could then ‘tame him’  and … Continue reading


If you ever wanted to be sure your kids don’t spend the entire summer bugging you about being bored, I have found the solution. Well, two solutions. First, your own mother, who has more energy than a hyperactive 6 year old should come for a visit and decide to ‘re-do’ your backyard into a tiny … Continue reading


“Disappointing” Holiday

Have you ever had a ‘disappointing’ holiday? Like, maybe you thought you’d get a cool gift you’ve been wanting… and then, whomp! Instead, you received a gift card to a crappy place you don’t even like. Or, worse yet, no gift was given at all and instead you got a ‘cheery wish’ via Facebook. Or … Continue reading


art·ist  /ˈärtist/ A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill. Miss Anna will be showing one of her paintings next weekend at the Annual Fine Arts Festival (put on by our homeschool group). It seems I’ll never see the top of my kitchen table again… it is covered in art stuff. But I’m … Continue reading

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