I have a ‘thing’ about having plenty of linens at my house. Sheets, blankets, towels…. there must be LOTS and they must be super overly fluffy. So to have enough for 5 people (especially when you add in the fishy-ness factor with the towels, allowing for  several days at sea at a time) you gotta … Continue reading

Nonstop Going

By the time the first two were pre-school aged they’d attended every mommy-and-me class we could find, nearly lived at the local parks, did Disney & Knotts ad nauseum and had visited all the local wonderful offerings (museums, zoos, trails, gardens etc) more times than we could count. Then, we had Mighty Micah D. Have … Continue reading

The Fisherman's Wife

What we say

(photo: with one of my first market helpers, with brand new aprons & hats, still figuring out how to use the scales… ) A blogger I have much respect for wrote something this week that struck me. This person kind of went off on a tangent about ‘the internet’ and how people say stuff that … Continue reading

List Maker

I’m a list maker. Sometimes, I make a list of the lists I need to make. It’s that bad. Just like each of you, we juggle quite a bit each day to make our life happen, so these lists are Super Necessary. This week I was going extra crazy with the lists… I like to … Continue reading


When things get to be more than you can handle, isn’t it good to have someone to call? This week I smelled something burning upstairs. There was no smoke, no fire (that I could see). I’m not a person who panics usually. BUT, knowing that SOMETHING was making that burning smell up in my room … Continue reading



THE SHORT VERSION:The weather has been horrible (for fishing anyway) – but we are switching over to Halibut and Sea Bass season… We plan to have Fresh Fish for NEXT SUNDAY! See you then! READ ON for all the chatty details 🙂 I make them come home for Christmas. Every year. It’s the only day … Continue reading


Whims of the Weather

Our lives are seriously ruled by the whims of the weather. Everything we do depends on the current and upcoming weather forecast. We check it, compare it, analyze it and re-check way too many times a day.  When we had our first baby, along with obsessively checking for signs of impending labor we were even … Continue reading

Why would I freeze fresh fish?

There are many good reasons to freeze fish. Fisheries are usually seasonal – you might not find what you love right when you want it. Also, you can usually purchase a whole fish and have it cut for a better price than just buying small amounts at a time. (Yes, we do offer whole fish. … Continue reading

Natural History

What a beautiful time of year. This was at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. We had a really beautiful day and slowly enjoyed just a few small parts of what was offered there. I get these homeschool emails that have tons of wonderful suggestions for things to do with your kids. Many times, … Continue reading

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