Sometimes a bunch of stuff happens that kinda ruins my week. I’m sure you guys can relate. Well, we’ve been in the midst of a slew of it lately. We are fine – just kinda exhausted. Last week, my biggest boy spent the day at the Market with us. His chatter on the way home … Continue reading


This week has been a little wild. This photo explains ‘who’ might have been in the middle of it all. The only thing I can add to this very telling photo, to help express my point, is a list of his current favorites: Food: Mustard… the ‘hot kind’ Animal: Bad Wolf Toy: My sword I … Continue reading


Two days ago at Monterey Fish Market, I was greeted by glistening fillets of “Louvar.” I love fish and will try just about everything from the sea that comes my way, and I had never heard of or seen Louvar. What is that? I asked the always charming guys at the fish market. Described as … Continue reading

Bow Lines

When Max was a baby, his first visit to an Art Museum was showing a Winslow Homer exhibit. Max turned 12 last week. Sigh. He was talking with me recently about his ‘favorites’ (food, toys, friends, places). His favorite place to be: ‘Anywhere down on the docks – if I can’t be out fishing with … Continue reading

Great Book

I’m reading this great book about how to help your ‘Smart But Scattered’ child learn to become more focused and organized – essentially how to be more successful in life. The book is very well written, seems to hit-the-nail-on-the-head for our family & has some super suggestions for implementing their ideas. I have a problem … Continue reading

Painting Love

I spent the morning painting with my daughter. This shouldn’t seem like reportable behavior… but here, it is. It’s Friday and that’s when my week is at it’s craziest. Normally, Friday is the time when we all (Chris, myself and various Market helpers) focus on the To Do List for making the Sunday Market happen. … Continue reading


I ‘talked’ to Greg a few times via email, before I met him in person. He seemed nice, well spoken, positive. Cool, right? Then, I met him in person for the first time. So weird! NOT GREG – just the feeling I got… I seriously felt like I’d known him forever. Like an old pal, … Continue reading

Meet The Crew

Every Sunday afternoon, after all of the stuff is scrubbed up and put away we head up the dock talking over the day. The little mess ups, the funny moments and mostly our amazing customers. Well, a while back one of you started chatting with us (OK, I might have started the chatting….you know how … Continue reading

Sonny & Jenna

We wanted to introduce you to a few of the people that help make our sweet little business happen…. We are pleased to introduce you to our deckhand SONNY and his lovely wife JENNA. These two are just beginning their voyage together…as a married couple and in the Commercial Fishing world. Sonny started his training … Continue reading

Community Pool

We’ve lived in our new place for about 4 1/2 months already. We love it! We are really enjoying the Community Pool, having a bit more space, being closer to the boat…it’s all so good! Of course, there are still boxes in the garage. And I still have to stop and really think sometimes about … Continue reading

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