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I try to limit my time spent on Facebook (and then, the subsequent, random clicking around the interwebs) by getting up early-ish, and allowing myself to scroll and click around to my hearts content for as long as it takes me (within reason of course) to have coffee, a quick breakfast and check over my to-do list for the day. After that ~ it’s all business and no play, (depending on your idea of business/play of course) for me.

Yesterday, during my morning scan of all things FB news worthy, I came across a story about a young lady (16ish I believe) who had been bullied at school. Somebody had broken into her school locker, nabbed her iPad and posted a comment on the girl’s FB page telling her that she should kill herself. In response, this young lady decided to react in a positive way. She made 850 ‘positive post it notes’ and stuck them to the lockers of everyone in the school. Messages like…. You are beautiful, you are awesome were what the school kids found next day. And….., you guessed it, she got in trouble. Some of the post-its were found on the ground and the school reprimanded her for littering. Seriously. The good: people all over decided to support her and start this whole #positivepostit day… OK, I will not get into the obviously craziness of the school stuff here ~ but will instead get onto my point. Stick with me. Pour another cup of coffee if you need to, I’ll wait.

In my infinite wisdom, I decided this would be an excellent teaching moment to start off our school day. In my imagination, my children would be moved by this young lady and her bravery and wisdom and kindness and would be soooo inspired by all of this that they would then bury our neighborhood, our town and all that we know in beautiful, loving post-it notes and all would be amazing and super cool ~ with maybe even little birds singing and petals might be falling from the sky. Or, something very much like this, anyway.

Here is what actually happened: I gather all my little precious ones around the table, read the story aloud and look up expectantly into their sweet faces. What I see: my big boy ~ is now in the backyard, picking strawberries, totally oblivious that I was even addressing him at all. He thought I was just talking to myself. (OK…maybe that is a post for another time) I have no idea how he got out there, without my noticing. I was in post-it paradise, I suppose. My little guy ~ is curled up into a ball, on the hard tile floor, rolling back and forth. He informs me that he just ‘cut the cheese’ and wants to know if cutting the cheese is a positive thing or a negative thing. My sweet girl ~ is scribbling furiously, with about 14 zillion post it notes all scattered about, each with a sweet little note & a drawing, ready to ‘positive post’ the entire world! YESSSS!!! 1 out of 3!!! I will take that success!!!

At this point, there may have been some words that weren’t exactly ‘positive’ aimed toward my boys. OK, take 2! This time, they all sat at the table, post-its and pens going for it. Then, I hear, ‘Momma, does stinky have an e at the end, or is it y?’ Clearly… we are not getting the idea of what a ‘positive post-it’ means.

Miss Anna’s eyes met mine and we shared a moment that women/girls do… and agreed that we weren’t admitting defeat, just putting off the battle. We moved on to Math and History and put the whole thing behind us. Later that evening, after they were all in bed, I clicked back on my FB page just to have a few minutes of brainless clicking and scrolling before calling it a night. That morning, in an effort to demonstrate to my (surly and uncaring) boys what this whole ‘positive post-it’ day was about, I scribbled a quick note, snapped a photo and posted it on FB. I had addressed it To: You, From: Me. The message: You Are Loved.

Now, I have posted the sweetest photos of my darling children, some super amazing fishing photos, some very funny (if I may say so myself) comments and many other interesting and wonderful things on FB over the years. There are some comments back, a few questions back and forth and yes, a decent amount of likes here and there.

But, this! This little scribbled ‘positive post-it’ message of LOVE was shared, liked and commented upon like crazy! It was nuts! A few feelings were bubbling up for me, watching the likes and comments grow… First, a tiny bit of redemption. It was a moving story, even if my kids would rather do Math than write a dang message of caring to somebody else. (Who raised these little beasts?) OK, I will let that go now. Then, after I thought a bit, this thing started in me. It was like a bit of healing being poured out, like a warm balm for my own heart. I’ve been feeling totally peppered with bad/negative stuff lately. The scary news stories, the negative, the worry… Man, it can get to me. As, I scrolled through these comments and likes, my heart was ever-so-sweetly warmed by the heartfelt response from people I really do love and from the lovely people who felt the weight of being reminded that they are a person Who. Is. Loved.

This is what is True and Real and Constant… LOVE. We are loved. Each and every single one. YOU are loved. Now that is something I that is worth us clicking on and liking and posting and writing about and anytime we possibly can, offering to real people, in real life.

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