Two of my kids are participating in a family wedding this weekend (flower girl and ring bearer) where their cousin will be getting married. Micah is quite excited about wearing a Tuxedo and of course Anna is thrilled with all of the flowery dress-up plans and excitement about walking down the aisle.

All 3 of my kiddos also have only a few weeks until this year’s Shakespeare play. The kids have spent the last 5 months going over and over and over and over their lines and queues. We listen to them in the car. We’ve made flashcards that we drill endlessly. We are SOAKED in Shakespearean words and phrases. It’s all very exciting but does have a tendency to kind of take over every aspect of our lives. I go to sleep hearing the Shakespeare song and dream in Shakespearean talk.

So, we showed up to the wedding rehearsal last night in typical Williams Family fashion…. a little on the loud side and about 2 minutes late. The thing is, we’ve never been to a Catholic wedding before. Plus, the Church that my kids have grown up in is a VERY relaxed Non-Denominational church. Simple building, not completely out of the ordinary to have kids skateboarding in the parking lot and many of us showing up in shorts, tattoos showing. Clearly, not exactly a whole lot of fancy happening here. So……. large statues, gold leaf everything and tall, decorated ceilings and stained glass strikes AWE in my kids. Sadly, awestruck as they were, it did not affect their ability to speak.  As I inexplicably chose to wear the most uncomfortable heels that were ever made in all of the history of torturous women’s shoe fashion, I walked in behind my kids by about 20 seconds and right into this scene:

The front half of the very long, and super ornate Cathedral was filled with quiet people, sitting reverently, listening to the coordinator who could have easily played the quintessential super-strict-Catholic-school-Nun/teacher. Nothing is getting past this lady.

Except for my kids. They were standing smack in the middle of the place, gawking like they’d just landed on Mars as they noticed all the ornate-ness in this Holy place…. and then immediately in their best and unfortunately loudest Shakespearean voices (great acoustics in that place) …….. ‘Alas! Good fellows!! ‘Tis a place quite finely furnished! Blow wind! Crack thy cheeks!’

Now, if it was over right there, we might have hoped to pull it all off with a little laugh and a quick ‘Please excuse us’…. Embarrassed smile…Sit quietly.

But my sweet little thespians have been brought up on the docks among a bunch of fishermen. So, when in my total embarrassment, I grabbed the loudest of them and whisper/hissed a quick threat upon their lives if they didn’t SHUT THEIR PRECIOUS MOUTHS AND SIT DOWN NOW…. The entire place was treated to a loud stage whispered ‘MOM? Why the H*LL doesn’t our Church have all these riches and gold!’

There is simply nothing left to say after that.

I so, so am hoping your week has been way less embarrassing and way more reverent than mine.

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