Alright, I am being super honest here. I can. not. even. begin. to write any sort of coherent sentences this week. Besides the fact that my house is just one more unfolded newspaper and randomly tossed pair of kids shoes away from imploding on itself (which makes my brain totally short circuit), my darling Fisherman husband got blown in today (that really means he finally got a part of a day off due to wind). Hey, the guy totally deserves a day off. Seriously. Y’all have no idea how much I am behind him getting a little break. BUT….this is what is happening right now (which of course is so completely NOT in line with thinking or writing or really anything in my opinion except escaping from….) All of the kids, the dog and Chris are hanging out (apparently oblivious to the total train wreck our house is) and watching a 70 million hour long movie on THE LOUDEST VOLUME ANY TV EVER COULD POSSIBLY GO, which bounces and echos through our whole house and is making me want to put them all on the boat and shove ’em off into the sunset. The deal is this: My big guy has spent 33 years or so with a loud diesel engine and/or generator roaring in his ears, which has messed a bit with his hearing. Dulled it a bit. Y’know? How my kids can tolerate this volume, I have NO idea. Anywhoooo…..  instead of hurting my aching brain any further, I’m saving myself by heading to Barnes and Noble for coffee and some book browsing until this noise avalanche has ceased.

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