Sonny & Jenna


We wanted to introduce you to a few of the people that help make our sweet little business happen….

We are pleased to introduce you to our deckhand SONNY and his lovely wife JENNA. These two are just beginning their voyage together…as a married couple and in the Commercial Fishing world. Sonny started his training as our deckhand back in April. We knew right away that he’d be a great addition to our fishing family. He’s bright, positive and a hard worker. His enthusiasm is totally catching. We love what he brings to the boat. A focus for success, a great let’s go get em attitude and a super work ethic. Of course, right away we met Miss Jenna and couldn’t help but snag her up for the Market! Jenna is a great help at the Market, with a wonderful even keeled approach and so willing to jump in lend a hand. We are so happy they came as a package! I won’t spoil the surprise, but I’m pretty sure we’ll have some more news to share about Sonny and Jenna very soon.

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