Speaking of the Birthday…

Happy Birthday

On his 50th we had an awesome party with lots of Sushi and other seafood, a bunch of his longtime friends and the family and even had a DJ & bartenders! That stuff is hard to top! So. Much. Fun. (And just in case you haven’t witnessed it, a bunch of 50ish year old fishermen types and their wives dancing the night away is both hilarious and awesome! Especially when this group of people spent their original dancing/club/bar years together during the early 80’s. So yeah… Duran Duran and Wham. Are you getting the visual? HILARIOUS, I tell ya!)

Of course, not every year is ‘the big five-oh’. Enter, our great friend (and Wholesale Fish Buyer) Steve who has a Labor Day party each year and all of Chris’ favorite people are there. This year he’s having his party a bit early, so he can take his youngest back to College ~ all the way on the East Coast (!WHAT?!…. the thought of this makes me pre-emptively want to sob and forbid my children from ever, ever going away… but that is another story). Anyway, it so happens that the party is ON Chris’ Birthday. So I am shouting out a super big thank you to Mr. Steve for basically having The Birthday Party for me. Whew!

But… the gift.

This man has EVERY.SINGLE.THING. already. Well, not a vacation home in Greece or a fleet of luxury cars… but realistic things that a wife and kids would get as gifts…Yep, he’s got them already. All of ’em.

A few years ago, on our way home from the Sunday Fish Market, we saw a guy on the side of the road selling these Fish Sculptures. They were like a bronze type thing (I’m guessing here, to be honest). Anyway, he had this really amazing Halibut sculpture that he made and was displaying at an Arts Festival.  He was from Idaho. We stopped and admired them, talked a bit with the guy and left. Chris really liked them, but they were a bit pricey and we were… well, pretty broke to put it mildly.

Fast forward: Birthday panic. Then, super awesome plan.  I had 3 things work to my advantage.

  1. I grabbed that guy’s business card that day…. and I kept it! I didn’t really plan on getting the fish for Chris. Not really. But I thought way back in my mind, what if someday I could get it? Well, I kept the card. And, by some dang miracle I was able to find it again about a month ago.
  2. When we saw that fish sculpture, and the Big Guy who doesn’t ever actually do *anything* for himself liked it, but simply could not spend the money on it, I felt so, so weird. It wasn’t guilt, but kind of. Whatever that bad, upsetting feeling was… it poked at me. So, since then – every time you guys have bought a pound of Halibut or a handful of Shrimp or a dinner’s worth of Salmon, you’ve been contributing to this awesome gift for Chris. I didn’t know it at first. I just knew that $2 here and $5 there, after I was done with my bookkeeping, could be put away. I don’t normally keep things from Chris. But this I did. I have an old wallet that I started stashing a few bucks in each week. I’d normally buy groceries or pay the phone bill…. and I did. I just did it with a few dollars less. So, a big thank you to each of you who faithfully pick up your fresh fish from us each week. You guys are the reason the kids and I were able to pull this one off. You are the best!
  3. The guy from Idaho who does the sculptures… is super cool. When I got him on the phone, about a month ago, I explained what I was after and he explained that he was well, in Idaho and, had no plans of returning to So California until the winter. Ugggh. So I begged. Well, not actually. But, ya know.. I may have pleaded a little. Then, he made some phone calls and arranged some stuff and viola! The kids and I met a guy, who knows a guy out at an airport, who had some of the Idaho guys fish sculptures and could handle everything for us. Sweet!

The kids and I, and my wallet stuffed with tiny bills went unnoticed (not easy to do… Chris picks up on anything out of the ordinary!) out to this awesome hanger at the Airport, picked up the fish, got it home, stashed it away and no fisherman was any the wiser. HAHAHAAAAA!

Today we are making Peanut Butter Pie and tying a bow onto the Gift, while he is out fishing. Happy Happy Happy #52 to My Big Guy. Now, if the kids can just keep the secret one more day…..c’mon y’all it’s ONE day. We can do this!!

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