I’ve been dealing with some health issues lately. Nothing too serious. But let’s face it, getting older is pretty lame. Anyway, kids are aware of stuff around them. This is part of a conversation I heard this week:

babysitter: Micah, try to be quiet ~ your Mom is resting.

Micah: I know, she’s really, really ancient. And totally worn out. I think her legs are breaking off if she doesn’t rest all day and all night. And if I stress her out she might explode!

Well, I am NOT ancient. Nor do I rest day and night. I’m not concerned at all about my legs breaking off. The stress thing… yeah, I own up to that one. Although I don’t blame my 5 yr old for it. Well, not completely 😉

During Halibut season Chris goes to work in the morning and comes home every night. It’s almost like a normal job. Sort of. So I try to make it a habit to get up early with him, make him breakfast and send him off to go out fishing. Then, while the kids are still asleep I make my Big List of Things To Do. This morning I did my normal thing, and then started working on my list. When I came back by to check my list I found this note from my sweet girl. It says ‘Don’t stress yourself’. She is so thoughtful and so dang sweet. In his own way, Micah was thoughtful too ~ he’s heard little bits and observed some changes (like me trying to rest) and has come up with his own interpretation. I will have a chat with him to explain, so he doesn’t go on thinking that I am about to literally come apart or explode. But I will also remember that my kids hear and see everything… and that in each of their hearts they really are thoughtful of their momma.

I’m holding on to these last few weeks of a relatively normal routine. These simple breakfast times together, Chris home every night like a guy who has a regular old job. June is fast approaching & Sea Bass season will turn that all upside down, days are nights, nights run together. Then Sword season is right behind it. Sigh. I will think of that when the time comes. For today, I think I will take Anna’s advice.

I hope the sweet people in your life are thoughtful of how you are doing. And, I hope that this week you have some time of ‘not stressing’.

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