Summer Break


We don’t take an official summer break from school. Well at least not a full 10 weeks or whatever is the norm. Around this time, we usually take a week or so off from school and Spring Clean the whole house. For whatever reason, the act of Chris getting all of his gear ready to switch seasons (from Halibut to White Sea Bass) triggers a cleaning frenzy in me. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism. I need to exert some control when things feel so topsy turvy. Anyway, when the cleaning is all done, wetake the following week off and just do FUN STUFF. We take another break in late September to coincide with the beginning of Swordfish season. Yes, our entire world revolves around fishing seasons, moon cycles and weather patterns.

So, I took the kids out for a bite to eat and asked them to help me make a list of things they’d like to do for their ‘fun week’ ~ with the caveat that it has to be FREE or at least VERY INEXPENSIVE and legal (with Micah, you have to cover all bases). I was hoping to use ‘the list’ as motivation for getting the cleaning done. This is what they came up with:

1. Go surfing and hang out the whole day at the beach (just a note: if your kids – or you – want to learn to surf this summer, Jeff Belzer at Ventura Makos is THE BEST EVER. He began teaching Max at 6 yrs old and even got ME up on a board last year! Seriously, the guy is awesome!)

2. Go to the big, awesome park in Santa Barbara (Alameda Park – it really is big. And awesome.

3. Get Frozen Yogurt at the cool place where you pick your own toppings (Surf N Yogurt)

4. Go to Chuck E Cheese (I’d rather listen to the Wiggles sing full volume for 24 hours straight, while watching Teletubbies the entire time than endure even 10 minutes at Chuck E Cheese. Pretty sure this one will NOT be happening)

5. Read the Periodic Table book and memorize all of the elements! (My Max, faithfully perpetuating nerdy homeschooler stereotypes)

6. Batman!!! (When asked if Micah meant ‘see a Batman movie’ he said, I don’t know Momma – I just think Batman is cool! And I love that Wobin guy too….) OK, good to know.

Well, at least we have a plan. I love Summer!!

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