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We are up to something!  If we are normally operating at 100 miles an hour… now… we are at like Warp Speed or something. There is SO much happening for Fresh Fish Fanatics, for the guys on the boat and for our family all at once. But every single bit of it is Good.

For once, I am going to keep my trap shut until some important stuff is nailed down regarding our plans. (Don’t worry… you know I can’t be quiet for long)  In the meantime…. just one of my little projects has been updating our website and media stuff. I’ve got so much more going on in this area ~ but you can check out some of our cool new website additions here. Cory James of SocializeMy.com is seriously THE BEST at what he does. We are SO happy to work with him.

If you go to our new ‘Glowing Reviews’ or ‘Customer Recipes’ tab (at the top of the home page) you’ll catch a view of some of our customer submitted photos and their recipes. You guys are SO cool to share these with us…. and if you have more, please send them to me! I’d love to show them off!

Our fav musician is also featured on that page…So, go grab a little coffee and soak up the Love we’ve received and find yourself a dinner recipe. I will add more recipes this week, and you can see even more on our Pinterest page.

So much more planned and happening… eeeekkk! I’ve gotta stop now or I will spill all my beans 🙂

I’m in work mode now. But the kid stuff, school stuff and the myriad of other stuff apparently did NOT get the memo. Chris and I are on a surreal 23 hour a day work schedule. OK, maybe not exactly…but it feels like it. And while I love the excitement of growing and changing our business and all the other stuff we are up to ~ I have way too many moments of perceived failure in all that I am shoving aside. My sons fingernails need to be clipped. They have noticeable dirt under them! I haven’t cooked a ‘real meal’ in dayyyyys. My school prep SHOULD be happening… like yesterday. My laundry pile… oh my word. My sweet son told his church teacher last night ‘I don’t wanna piss my Mom off… she’s not nice like you are’ Yep, he said those exact words. Proudest Mom Moment Ever. My 8 year old told me in her super sweet, helpful voice this morning..’Mom, do you think I should babysit the boys? Somebody needs to be in charge, don’t you think?’ Oh. dear.

So, in the midst of all my crazy, I was doused with grace and love. Dang. Every single time I start to go off the rails and decide to toss all of my precious Apple products out the window, sell everything, move to somewhere ‘off the grid’ and grow my own everything… I get some precious flow of refreshing encouragement from other women who no doubt have the same moments (or hours/days/weeks) that I have. Thank the Good Lord for these sweet people who can wholeheartedly say…’Your kids will be fine, you are doing a good job, and you. are. not. alone.’ Seriously, check this woman out… hilarious and gracious. I’m thinking you can guess which family we are.

I hope your week has been filled with Mercy….and that your kids have had the foresight to have reflected only your very best side while in public. 😉

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