We are nearly at FOUR YEARS for our little fish market. What started as a stab at an ‘extra job’ (like we had time for that) has become quite a humming business. Well, almost. We are growing quickly in our customer base. We are established pretty much with our equipment and crew. ONE tiny issue. And I’m being really transparent here…. we aren’t profitable. How can that be? It gets crazy busy down there each week. But, when you actually add it all up… and take out all the expenses… the sad truth is that we actually PAY to be there most weeks. Crazy, but true. And disconcerting.

The bottom line is this: My little hand lettered signs (even with the colored sharpies!) isn’t getting it for us. And with the lack of profitability… our ‘advertising budget’ simply doesn’t exist.

We’ve often considered just going back to our ‘simpler life’ – where Chris just fishes. Our catch would go to a few big wholesale guys… and ideally we’d have a little more time & a little less stress. Then, Sunday rolls around. And there you guys are. We LOVE you guys. We love seeing your smiles, your new dogs, your kids or grandkids in from out of town. We get your photos and emails. We hear your stories. Our awesome community has chatted among themselves, and has shown up on our dock to get our fresh fish. We LOVE that our local community gathers together, enjoys our super fresh seafood and encourages us in all we are doing. We don’t advertise. You guys do it for us. Which by the way, is a super compliment! We are so grateful and humbled.

Can I ask a favor? I’d like to not only keep our market open… I’d like to see it grow. I would like to end up with a store front – or online sales – or maybe just an added day a week. But to see any, or possibly all of that stuff happen – we need more of you! So, go like our Facebook page, suggest it to other people, share our posts, tweet away about us, Instagram your heart out about us. I’ll keep making my signs… I think they rock. Chris will keep fishing, of course. But can you guys do us all a big ol favor… and just start chatting about us? Be sure to tell your friends to let us know who referred them ~ I’m conjuring up some sort of thanks for you super chatty types. You know who you are!

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