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(photo: with one of my first market helpers, with brand new aprons & hats, still figuring out how to use the scales… )

A blogger I have much respect for wrote something this week that struck me. This person kind of went off on a tangent about ‘the internet’ and how people say stuff that is mean and nasty from behind their screens… and how ‘in person’ we wouldn’t really do that. I agree totally. But I have to admit, I (kind of callously) thought to myself….. really? Who cares? Just scroll past it. Or delete it. Or blow it off.

You have to know that almost immediately I stumbled onto something crazy that was posted about US ~ our very own fishing life! I would SO LOVE to say how mature I was in my response. How I just shook my head and scrolled past…. all mature and grown up like. Yeeeeahhhhhh. Not so much. I freaked the heck out!!

Anyway… this week marks the ‘last week’ we have been ‘allowed permission’ to have our sweet little fish market…. at least so far. Know this: We still have NOT given up and somehow, someway we will find a way to continue. It might even be right here at the docks (we are still negotiating) and it might be something that works out even better. I really believe that what we do here is meant to be happening… and that we are being moved into a better situation for us all. So, stick with us ~ we’ll keep you all informed as we move along!

Thinking about this deadline and the possibilities that will result has brought my mind back to the beginning. I love that it happens to be Halibut and Sea Bass time now. It’s what we started with… what you all responded so positively too.

Thinking of our first few weeks as ‘Fresh Fish Fanatics’ makes my heart nearly burst! I love thinking of sitting with Chris and presenting my ideas for the name of our Market. (Mine won!) And working with our guy Sean for our logo and website, scouring the web for our sweet little boat displays and fighting for our spot on the dock…. But the best stuff is You Guys. There is a group of you amazing people that started off with us at the very beginning and STILL come down nearly every week to get your fresh fish from us. Some of you just happened down, got hooked, and brought a friend or family next time. I’ve met your visiting from out of town parents, grandparents and kids. I’ve met your neighbors, your first dates and your babies only weeks after their precious births. And, of course, your sweet doggies!

I’ve told many of you already that the biggest fear I had when we started was ‘dealing with the public’. I was sure that our customers might be mean or difficult to deal with. We might have complainers or fussy people to handle. SERIOUSLY? I have NO idea what I was worried about. Y’all are the most amazing group of people EVER. You support and encourage. You take the time to send me photos and recipes and notes. You people BRING GIFTS TO MY KIDS AND TO ME AND TO MY CREW!!! What customer does this sort of thing!!!???? You guys do! How awesome it that?!

So, no matter what comes this week as we give one final push to the powers that be to fight for our little fish market… the power that Chris and I feel, that energy and grit that makes us REFUSE to stand down comes very, very much from you guys.

The negative internet craziness can kiss my foot! The real, actual people in my world, whether it’s down on the dock, through your emails and posts, or running into you all at the grocery store or bank…  these are what keep us feisty and going and motivated. Y’all Rock ~ and we love you and are so grateful for you!

Sea Bass and Halibut

Back when I still had to really look to see the difference between Sea Bass and Halibut 😉

loyal customers

A few of our very first, and most loyal customers.

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