Fire Truck

When things get to be more than you can handle, isn’t it good to have someone to call? This week I smelled something burning upstairs. There was no smoke, no fire (that I could see). I’m not a person who panics usually. BUT, knowing that SOMETHING was making that burning smell up in my room and that Chris was fishing… I was imagining middle of the night scenarios of me trying to round up all the kids & the dog by myself… uggh. So, I did what any mom would do. I called the Oxnard Fire Department. OK, maybe not the best choice. But seriously, it smelled really strong and it was for sure a BURNING smell. I was sane enough to check a few things first, but not being able to figure anything out… I called them. You can imagine the phone call….’Yes, I need someone to come to my house… um, no there’s no smoke …. um, no flames…. but it SMELLS!!…’ I hated sounding like an idiot. But I was really worried!!

Anyway, my point is this: The Fire Dept Guys,  (knowing it wasn’t a total emergency) got to my house in less than 3 minutes… (that’s a guess, I was busy making sure everyone had shoes on – and I’ll admit to tossing my dirty clothes into a hamper, to save embarrassment). But is was SUPER quick. The other thing is, these men were very, very thorough in checking my house and were very professional, kind to my kids and did NOT make me feel like a fool for calling them. Of course, who knows what was said on the way back to the station… It turns out there was no fire. Duh. Something was broken on my heater (which was making a burning smell!!) But, no fire. YAY for NO FIRES.

So, this week I was stressed. It was something I couldn’t deal with on my own. But, I did what I had to and I called for help. Possibly a little over the top help, but help nonetheless. Having someone to call is a very, very good thing. Oxnard Fire Department – you guys are the best. This year, I plan to connect more with the people who are around me. No, I won’t be calling OFD every week 🙂  My homeschool group, my church, my community. What a treasure trove of experience and encouragement. I could use that. Hopefully, I can also be that to someone else. I’m excited for the challenges and joys of 2013! What are your plans?

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